12:56 pm
01 August 2021

3D printed pens let you make a toy at any time

3D printed pens let you  make a toy at any time

3d printing technology is becoming mature, and equipment towards miniaturization, cheap popularization of development. With a 3d printer just do a little something, is no longer inconceivable.But for most people, the price of nearly 3d is still a luxury, from the ” Play ” still has a long way.6002

But this situation will change in the future, because creopop team introduced a low-cost 3d printing , the price of just $130 ( approximately RMB 840 yuan ), you can develop the children’s interests and abilities, just toys, effortless.Judging from the development of the market,cheap 3d pens received widely welcomed.6000

CreoPop 3D printing does not use heat to dissolve plastic, but the use of raw materials, photosensitive resin by UV light to achieve shape, so it does not overheat and cause burns.In addition, print with CreoPop gadgets without professional charting techniques , and printed at any time fixed, kids play particularly well who has high creativity.

For adults, occasionally print a creative gift, he / she is also a nice surprise.