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21 June 2021

3D printed car on the road soon, priced at less than $ 20,000

3D printed car on the road soon, priced at less than $ 20,000
Now most people think that cars only autonomous driving technology development trend in the future, but everyone ignores another point3D print technology. Last September, Local Motors company (mega motor company) unveiled the world‘s first 3D printing in Chicago Auto Strati, unfortunately this car will not be put into the market.
On Tuesday, however, Local Motors also unveiled a new design of 3D printed car and said, which will serve as the Local Motors on the market in the future sale of 3D printed car that can really hit.
In May this year, Local Motors held a design challenge to create online communities to solicit Design 3D printed car that can be driven on the road. Yesterday, Local Motors released the award-winning, 39 years old, Kevin Lo, Oregon won the challenge of the award, the design of the awards in addition to us $ 7500 bonus, may also be the world‘s first 3D printed car that can be driven on the road, the designer of loaded vehicle development history.
Kevin Lo by design of car name for Reload Redacted – Swim and Sport, the car of model based on a module of framework design, body of Panel can flexible of embedded or out, this on means with owners can is convenient to on car shape for again design, and in car appeared accident or by injury of when, this module of design also makes repair cost and difficulty are reduced.
At present, Local Motors company has determined the design of Kevin Lo, the design will be modified and strengthened, it is reported that Local Motors will be scheduled for completion in the first quarter of next year the first low-speed electric vehicles (LSEV) version and the first available in high-speed version will be completed by 2017.
On this 3D printing can run the car‘s price, Local Motors has been identified. News, cheap electric versions of the cost would be between us $ 1.8~3 million. 3D printed car technologies mature, will significantly reduce manufacturing costs, travel for the production of small cars is undoubtedly a good thing.

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