12:00 pm
01 August 2021

3D Print will play a positive role in children’s education in the future

3D Print will play a positive role in children’s education in the future

1-1501051JS3E1We all know that develop children’s intellectual and practical abilities is a very important thing, this will affect his (her) life in the future. 3D printers let more parents ‘ found a new tool for children, 3D printers can make the child’s imagination into reality, can also let children actively develop their ability to design things.

While the children were at the age of only a few, all have a strong sense of color and space imagination, many parents in this period was focused on fostering children’s ability to draw. Now we can use a 3D printer to children draw animals or toys and printed out, first of all for the children to draw a clear photo shoot, then make a three dimensional model of the software, and use 3D printer to print. Toys or animals you can buy at the store, but this child’s drawing for a reference children so much as making things should come out of it, can also encourage children to draw enthusiasm.360截图20151103093239409

Now, some schools have used a 3D printer for teaching, teachers can use 3D printed models to better serve the children of the lecture. Children see 3D printer after physical design graphic print out, they began to study their own mapping software, to design something for themselves, which is very beneficial for children!

In China, parents and schools to buy 3D printer is not a lot, but we believe that with the increasingly sophisticated 3D printing technology, domestic child education a more and more interest in 3D. Using the 3D printer is a very cool thing, of course, not every family can afford such high costs, so I can recommend from a simple 3D device use, such as some Cheap 3D Pen and can improve the child‘s ability and ability to observe. Still need more educational institutions to invest in China, get 3D printing, aware of its development, I believe that Chinese parents are willing to invest the time and money.