09:43 pm
06 March 2021

3D print that you don’t have to worry about breaking eggs

3D print that you don’t have to worry about  breaking eggs

Recently, the Japanese cycling enthusiasts –Kikkawa invented a weapon of packed eggs that lets you easily carry the eggs. kikkawa  like camping, and found that every time with eggs until get off the car became bad, if take from home isn’t fresh.So, in order to solve its food problem, recently developed a 3d print specially prepared for camping –egg carry the eggs carrying holder V2, to partake of the thingiverse home page, ensure that you can eat fresh eggs when you travel.5001

Kikkawa design is simple, the core is to hold the fragile eggs, and get together, you keep them around. Each can install up to four eggs in a small box, the dimensions can still adjust, because each egg have different sizes, you can change the tightness of egg holder with the hinge.In addition, the protector also contains three different change the diameter of the pole, so regardless of the 3d printers produce can be used.With the development of 3d Printing technology,printer also can apply in T-shirt printing.As we all know,Amazon T-shirt printer is popular with people.


3d on the 3d print egg protector printing system settings are as follows : there is no support ; outside the box thickness is 0.2mm, inside containers of 0.4mm.These egg holder is orange, hand – built by fine, looks like a spiral – shaped mini basketball hoop. They are mainly in order to secure each egg, it will not collide with each other in the bumpy roads lead to rupture.502

With this 3d printing eggs protected objects, you can go on a camping or cycling treat yourself stomach . According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network,  In addition to,Kikkawa being a cycling Fan, also called a 3d print, and in his thingiverse page there are many other singular creative thinking ideas and practical products, who is interested in it, go check it out.