09:45 pm
08 December 2021

3D print safety equipment challenges of extreme sports

3D print safety equipment challenges of extreme sports

A lot of people want to go to the challenge of extreme sports, such as Bungee jumping, flying, parachuting in the air, and so on. These quick boost of adrenaline sport will no doubt bring unprecedented excitement to the challenger.But at the same time, their security’s where we are most concerned about. In fact, as long as you have the creativity, 3d print or services for people keen to limit the challenge.For example, nautical sports has been applied to this technology.2004

We often see on TV, maritime experts with specific tools hanging on the edge of the boat himself, in the quick navigation in the course of the whole people like fly.Outsiders look at a couple of the parties often think that’s gonna bring them the best in the world of experience. When the ship quickly across the water, they will attract all eyes on the coastline.However, nature is unpredictable, never know when a gust of a good wave sailing to bury, you can quickly undo the hook this time the device is important.However, most of those are now tend to choose traditional cable rather than a few years ago, quickly developed out of the system.But with the development of 3d printing technology ,I believe that some problems will be solved.Further more,recently,Geeetech 3d printer ,this kind of DIY 3d printer is popular with people.


Recently, several understand the crew of 3d printing technology to create a customized system, they think the system is secure and will not affect its function.They are to make improvements on the basis of the keyball system, designed a ball and socket system. To make its security, greatly improving.By 3d design and printing, each connection parts are so smooth, in the crew time of need, faster than speeding up before a lot of out of the sphere.In addition, the design applied to all safety harness.2006

See this, For you always wanted to try flying sport is a good news? Believe in the future there will be more and more in 3d print customized products for extreme sports.2007