05:51 pm
14 June 2021

3D Print Pen 3Doodler : Dedicated to the children’s exclusive 3D toys

3D Print Pen 3Doodler : Dedicated to the children’s exclusive 3D toys
3Doodler when we first reported the news, I was very excited. It undertakes with easy and fun way to spread among children, 3D printing experience of tomorrow. 3Doodler by two longtime senior creative person engaged in toy manufacturing development, destined to be welcomed by everyone at the beginning of the advent. This product have on Kickstarter to raise platforms, to achieve a goal of us $ 2.3 million, called a dark horse out of the Christmas holidays. Since the 3Doodler are now begin to enter the retail channel for sale, since I spent a lot of time demo, then I have to talk about their feelings: though I still think it is an exciting product, but differently than I initially thought.
Need to clarify that 3Doodler Printer Pen  is not a 3D printer, and is an original glue guns, Jet PLA and AB57e1b99fe3369caf2fbd16fdba6ecad9S plastic filament. 3Doodler there are two buttons on the front, used to control the forward and rear spray is the best way of using, extruded plastic materials and tighten until they harden, you can make 3D objects. Then use it to make a flat 2D object, and then associate them with hot glue plastic together, creating objects such as the Eiffel Towerin theory, no artistic ability is impossible to do this step.
As a toy, 3Doodle also needs to be improved. The nozzle gets hot after a while, it requires a certain degree of protection to ensure that is not too hot, but also to ensure the plastic filament extrusion process is quite simple. You can buy a lot of plastic materials 3Doodle, or from Monopr 4710d9eb5a87c8444f17aa3f1d235f60ice cheap to buy cheaper filaments. On the 3Doodle before using the familiar, you will use a lot of fine wire, so if you‘re going to play 3Doodle you‘d better buy some.
As a tool for 3Doodle makes a bit of a funny feeling. Its quality generally, unless you have the surgeon‘s hands, otherwise you are likely to use it to make something out of frustration. Quickly making 3D sketch or art works, 3Doodle‘s performance was commendable, but if you give your Hamster house built or made with Arduino enclosure, you should not be satisfied with results.
3Doodler can really bring us joy, but for those of you who expect too much to it, and might let them down, but it can do what it advertised product features. If you can successfully sell impressive 3D objects, it just goes to show your talent and hard work.