09:59 am
04 August 2021

3D print musical instruments : Is a reform or a gimmick?

3D print musical instruments : Is a reform or a gimmick?

3d printing is ever – changing Musical Instrument Manufacturing, we’ve seen a lot of Music people using 3d printing technology to create a different instruments, and also be able to properly play.758

3d printed musical instruments seem to have become a trend, creative artists acclaimed  of unique manufacturing. 3d printing with a very high degree of freedom, which can be  create a beautiful or  cool unique modelling for instruments, this is an important reason for its popularity.To catch on, would have its unique reasons.For example,Flower Art Printer is popular for it can print beautiful flowers.At the same time, highly traditional, especially members of the music is still handmade musical instruments to a 3d print of the sound and playing of musical instruments strongly questioned. However, the world’s first 3d print of the electric violin maker Laurent Bernadac said, he can perfect replication of the world’s most expensive violins stradivari violin sound, we might be able to believe that the 3d print quality of the violin to some extent.757

Although for the 3d print quality and timbre of musical instruments different opinions, but judging from the 3d printed musical instrument itself, this technique is not applicable to all of the instruments, we can even say that these instruments can be printed, more because the printed part of the key to pronunciation is not the instrument parts.754

3d printing technology used in musical instrument making and art design basically have a lot of similarities, many of which are improved in appearance, so 3d print of the instrument  trend is the result of people pursue the appearance of the of art and design.So it appears that 3d printing instrument is reform or gimmick is open to question.753