03:54 pm
14 June 2021

3D print five major trends or change life

3D print five major trends or change life

From self – repairing the pipeline, to the print organ, and bulletproof T – shirts, these sounds are very avant-garde things, it is likely that comes with the new 3d printing technology.According to a Forbes report, at the Ted conference held in Vancouver, Canada in April this year, became the hottest topic of new 3d printing technology, 5 of these trends are particularly worth to note, is likely to change  people’s lives in the future .4

1. 3D print   consume localized production  goods

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone predicted that Nike is most likely in the next ten years as a software company, thanks to a 3d print.The future of the traditional product manufacturers don’t have to provide the user with the actual product, but 3d blueprint for the print publication has copyright protection, the user simply 3d printing at home or nearby shop to print out the product.3

At present, the rapid development of digital 3d printing factory in the world, this means that traditional forms of production began to change. Direct digital manufacturing can reduce the cost of global purchasing, manufacturing, providing more local job opportunities, but also conducive to compress the cost of production.

2.Custom materials

The 3d print’s creativity beyond people can imagination. Custom materials will have a more broad space for development, have a number of innovative experiences. At present, doctors have successfully through 3d printing,create a tool,an environment of knee joint diseases, the material itself contains a painkiller, and as time passes slowly release of antibiotics.Some visionary companies are trying to print using graphene as a 3d material, it is soft and flexible, the intensity was 100 times that of steel.Cell printing is not impossible to achieve, in the field of artificial organs and transplant had a positive effect.However,judging from the reaction of the market,DIY 3D printer is popular with people,Geeetech 3d printer occupy a seat at market.1

3.Nano – printing

Jennifer Lewis a team of Harvard University successfully printed Nano lithium batteries, only the size of a grain of sand can be used to drive a tiny medical devices, small electronics, or even ultra – micro – robots, nano – technology in the field of 3d prints have gained initial success, and will play an important role in the future.8

4.Provide more design space

More and more fashion designers, and even large luxury brands started experimenting with 3d Print Design, this is because of the limitations of traditional manufacturing industries, are often unable to meet the designer of abstract ideas.3d printing is different, supports a variety of materials, a convenient mode of production experience, you can efficiently change designer’s ideas into reality.6

5.4D print

What is 4d print? This is a new concept proposed by Skylar Tibbits from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, its Based on 3d printing, but added more volatility, the product can produce some time in the future depending on your environment changes, such as auto repair the pipeline, according to environment changes with water running shoes and so on, it sounds rather science fiction, but with the development of new materials and sensors, may soon become a reality.7