10:55 am
04 August 2021

3d Print Design Exhibition will be opened in Paris in April

3d Print Design Exhibition will be opened in Paris in April

3d printing has become a hot topic in the world and affect different sectors, and so, the related exhibition is more and more. Spring in the near future, the fashion capital of the World in Paris, he will hold a massive 3d printing technology exhibition – ” 3d printing – future factory “.814

According to the understanding of China’s 3d print network, the main content of the exhibition will research the subject of  3d printing application, its influence on the industry, economy, creativity and the entire society, as well as by showing some buildings, 3d print of fashion, health, food production to show the power of 3d printing to the public.With the development of 3D print technology ,it will be apply to different areas.For example,Flower Art Printer to print beautiful flowers for decoration.815

There will be a lot of famous  designers and 3d printing works of artists from the world on exhibition, including Ron Arad D-Frames series of glasses, Lilian van Daal flexible seat of biology, clutch of Maison 203, and gold jewellery of Lionel T Dean .819

The exhibition will be held at the design centre in Paris from April 1, 2016 to June 9, if you are interested in 3D printing,you can personally experience the charm of 3D printing.820