04:03 am
22 October 2021

3d print beautiful piano, as a gift for Lang Lang

3d print beautiful piano,  as a gift for Lang Lang

On January 9th, for pupils of Hunnan, Shenyang is a different  holiday. Hunnan primary school student communicate with prince of piano ,Lang Lang .Children not only with Lang Lang to exchange gifts and blessings, together with him to power campus activities.564

By Shenyang guion technology  and Shenyang Hunnan two primary schools common creative, with Delta 3d GN-T 2018 printing to produce exquisite piano and gourd.When Hunnan pupils  giving gifts to Lang Lang, the unexpected gift to their great surprise, he kept a close watch  the piano in his hand, and kept asking present’s  production process and details.With the development of 3D printing technology, we can print more products.For example,Flower Art Printers can print beautiful flowers used for decoration.565

” We hope that this pianos for Lang Lang brother to bring good luck, bringing more wonderful works. ” little Lang Lang said.563