04:20 pm
14 June 2021

3D pens change our life

3D pens change our life

24In most people’s impression, the pen is able to follow one’s inclinations in the plane (e.g., paper) to map the two-dimensional effect tool.After thousands of years of development and iteration, no matter how many  kinds of pens,  people always are unable to breakthrough the limitation of plane to draw the three-dimensional objects,which greatly limits the thinking of creative innovation.

People can only take this dream on legend: in the magic brush animation, lifelike  rooster, water trucks and so on.By the magic brush, drawing  three-dimensional objects, and then through the mythology, people give existence to the object.That expressed the people to the three-dimensional creative  dreams and aspirations.

Now, the dream has become a reality! Cheap 3D Pens can create what you want.It adopts one technology which won the 2015 Nobel Prize for blu-ray, using photosensitive resin by uv curing technology to realize safe, green, environmental protection idea objects forming. Its material can even painting on skin, non-toxic, harmless to human body,and it break through the traditional thinking style,and introuduce the 3D stereo space perception.6

This technology can be used in: creativity, teaching, design, culture, household, construction, repair, toys and so on, all kinds of fields. This product make 3D printing enter into People’s Daily life.You deserve to own it.