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21 January 2021

3d inside the printer 3d print of the scale of the World Exhibition in Shanghai

3d inside the printer 3d print of the scale of the World Exhibition in Shanghai

Inside 3D global print industry forum and exhibition ( Shanghai )

Date : December 2015 – 10th

Venue : Shanghai World Expo exhibition

Sponsor : Mecklermedia Inc ( United States )

China International Trade Promotion Committee,Zhuhai branch Zhuhai regeneration culture media company of the times


November 2014 – 4, inside the world of 3d Printing Industry Summit Forum and the tour was introduced for the first time Shanghai, China, attracting nearly 382 participants from 21 countries and regions Three 3d printing professionals forum and had 51 exhibitors and nearly 4,156 of audience participation show, became discern the trend of the 3d printing technology and high-end rich market information platform.

Print as inside 3d Global Forum and the two stops of the Tour in China in 2015, Shanghai and Zhuhai will live up to expectations, continues to be the trend of the domestic insight into 3d printing technology and high-end platform rich market information to help you occupation of eastern and southern China’s two markets.


Exhibition scope 3D printer :Industrial grade 3D printer, desktop 3D printers, and other 3D print manufacturing equipment ( Rapid Prototyping, rapid manufacturing equipment ) and  FLASHFORGE 3D Printer accessories.

3d printed materials and technologies : Photosensitive resin, plastic powder materials ( carbon fiber, nylon, nylon nylon, nylon, glass – brazed aluminum powder, peek material ), metal powders, such as material ( Die steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and cocrmo alloy, Fe – Ni alloys ), and so on ; 3d printing technology, other Rapid Prototyping, reverse engineering, surface treatment, and so on.


3d printing service? 3d printing, rapid prototyping, prototype production, as well as other Rapid Prototyping, reverse engineering services, such as three – dimensional scanning and measuring.