06:50 am
18 January 2022

3D imaging tool makes you be able to make a 3D printed models you want

3D  imaging tool makes you be able  to make a 3D printed models you want

If you want to have a 3D model of the idols, but it suffers from not having 3D design images. How do you do?With some of the existing photo, can you make it? That may not be able to before, but now the answer is yes.62

Researchers from the University of Washington has developed a revolutionary 3D model of computation procedure and relying on a lot of pictures of celebrities on the Internet created the 3D model.This tool is very advanced, you can even imitate facial features specific to people’s talk, or copy the mannerisms of a star to another person on the face.Shown in the following figure, the team with Tom Hanks as an example to show the results.

3D printing technology is used frequently in our daily life.We most familiar is the cheap 3D pens.We can use it to set about creating and this help us more intelligence .3D technology can give us a wonderful experience. That’s great!60

They converted to the long list of celebrities in the face of Tom Hanks in the face, such as former President Bush ; the Oscars host Neil Patrick Harris faces moving to Obama’s face, various mixed.This revolutionary development of 3D imaging tool time consuming for 5 years, relevant results will be in paper form on December 16 to demonstrate intelligence organized by the International Conference on computer vision.