01:37 pm
01 August 2021

3D printer —-Do what we like!

3D  printer —-Do what we like!

3D food printer is like a food as well as print file “print” out of the machine. According to the blueprints drawn up, this “Cheap 3D Pen” with traditional engineering CAD design software for computer, know how to put what where, line-by-line, as shop layer-by-layer. They believe that this new product will be used for commercial purposes, as long as the popular success, is bound to greatly change the face of human life.

3D food printer,It does not use cartridges instead of food materials and ingredients into the container in advance, then enter your recipe, press the button, the rest of the cooking program let it go, instead of one output file, but really could eat his food. thCAFZA6YY

People can use the machine with chocolate or other foods as raw material “print” a variety of oddly shaped food. According to the Netherlands media reported on October 23, 2012, the “printer” in Eindhoven held an exhibition debut, attracted so many food manufacturers and the general public interest. Netherlands National Institute for applied sciences researcher keyede·fanbomeier said: “the traditional printer can print on paper, image, 3D printing technology developed in recent years can also be printing out small plastic and metal products. 3D food ‘ printers ‘ exceptional. ”
Van Bommel said, this machine by the control computer, automation, food injector, conveyor device consists of several parts. Users first computer stores in advance of more than 100 kinds of stereo and select shapes in the shapes, and then click on “print” ingredients evenly on the nozzle of the syringe will be ejected, with layer upon layer of “print” method.thCABQN1SI
Prices for thousands of euros for this machine, but Mark van Bommel said, within 5 years of such a machine, prices could fall to about hundreds of euros, it can in the future according to the vision of making food of any shape.
Researchers believe that 3D food “printer” help using fresh ingredients, easy to make non-traditional foods. Such as food processing protein extracted from algae, then “print” to a high protein food.
For many cooks, this invention means that they can develop new dishes, making individual delicacies.
In the United States Chicago’s Moto restaurant chef Cantu told the United Kingdom’s daily mail reporter that he had printer make sushi. He said food printers to produce links of the food can be sharply reduced, from raw materials to thCA4BPW7Ffinished products, food-processing, transport, packaging and other aspects so as to avoid adverse effects. Cooks can also use food printer creative personality developed dishes meet the tastes of discerning Diners.
Huode·lipusen research team members said that they will use computer-aided design software based on the food printer launched “chef CAD software”, allows users to design their own recipes and share them with others, such as “you press the print button, the machine will ask you how much.” By then, the development is all thumbs with cooking can download chef recipes, food printer make a fine meal, or “print” doctor recommended, nutritions and delicious dishes.