02:17 pm
30 July 2021

2016 Bridal Jewelry: 3D printing and hand-made

2016 Bridal Jewelry: 3D printing and hand-made

Girls were the happiest day of life is  wedding, couples spend a lot of time to prepare for a once in a lifetime wedding, brides are look forward to unique style on the wedding dress, makeup and accessories.229

We see 3D printing is often like a technology of the future, full of technology and design innovation, with the development of 3D printing, some designers using 3D printing technology has given us a lot of surprises, we use traditional production techniques and design cannot be rendered. United States Kasia Wisniewski using 3D printing technology to  design into a beautiful and elegant bridal hair accessories that nature inspired her.And we also use Flower Art Printer to print beautiful  flowers for decoration.232

Are a current designer living in Brooklyn, New York. She was Pratt (Pratt) after college to study fashion design and art history majors, in the Vera Wang (Vera Wang) and J. Mendel (J. Mendel) women luxury fashion brand design. Her dream was to create their own brands, and brand direction are designed Jewelry Accessories and jewelry products, she said, 3D printing technologies are available to allow her to concentrate more on the design and creation of unique works.231

“3D printing technology provides an opportunity to express his unique design style, I inspired a lot from the elements of nature, such as branches, leaves and flowers. “Wisniewski describes when the inspiration of the design in 3D printing, she said when the tip technology to return to nature, Wisniewski has found a more likable designs.233