09:27 pm
08 December 2021

200 ultra – high temperature plastics complete the 3d print three – dimensional shape

200 ultra – high temperature plastics complete the 3d print three – dimensional shape

It is learnt that the xinye toshitatsu professor at Tokyo University’s Institute of production technology using 3d success with more than 150 completed the three – dimensional shape of super heat – resistant engineering plastics.Compared with  existing processing methods such as cutting and injection forming, reached about 80        percent of the strength, which can carry out machining of complex shapes, to complete such as cars, aircraft engine peripheral parts of the production of a high temperature – resistance requirements.3D printer has wide application range,in recent,Mostfun 1.0 3D Printer  is recognized by most people .


The melting point of 280 degree and heat of 150 degree centigrade, Polyphenylene Sulfide ( PPS ) and melting point of 360 degree, 200 degree heat resistance of polyether ether ketone ( peek ) successfully completed the three – dimensional shape.Powder form repeatedly dissolved, after the irradiation of laser cooling and solidification, powder lamination method of building three – dimensional shape. Maintain 200 degrees centigrade in the furnace, through laser to rise to about 400 degrees centigrade the resin powder dissolved.503

Increase the laser area, after the uniform distribution of energy distribution, powder can efficiently absorb heat resins dissolved. Specification for strength test after test piece shape, confirm the strength as other processing method of about 80.Different underlying strength of the Shape Data will be collected in the future, the development of shape design system for design – time predictable strength.