06:24 am
18 January 2022

Canon presents “digital printing, all in Canon” brand strategy

360截图20151112161342704From April 7th to 12th, 2015 , “digital printing, all in Canon” as the theme, Canon (China) Limited attended the third China international printing technology exhibition, with its star products and solutions for the digital printing industry. This exhibition news: Canon announced that in 2014 it  topped market share of the continuous feed inkjet printer in the world (according to the InfoTrends data). The Canon Printheads sell good accordingly.  Canon with “the reading library” win readers and partners by on-demand publishing innovation. The editor Of “the reading library” , the famous publisher Leslie at the show said it would also continue to explore with Canon together more actively  in the book-on-demand publishing. By virtue of the perfect product, technology and work process of the one-stop solution, Canon (China) will give further impetus to upgrade the digital printing industry business, enhance customer business value and achieve win-win.u=2370126098,3995559801&fm=21&gp=0

Last year, Canon presented “digital printing, all in Canon” brand strategy, and took roots in book publishing and commercial printing, digital quick printing, engineering graphic design, advertising logos, variable print, photo and poster print six segments of the target. Under the “digital printing, all in Canon” active promotion of brand strategy, Canon digital printing fields have achieved positive results, and in this year’s China International printing exhibition also provide users with a comprehensive industry-wide solutions display. In the field of digital publishing, Canon digital printing ,compared to traditional printing technology, puts into full play of the core strengths to address publishers’ practical problems such as inventory, costs, and risks. With excellent print quality and u=2984587739,377777962&fm=21&gp=0personalized custom effects for users, it aims to provide coverage of black and white to color, a single sheet of paper to a continuous improvement of product and solutions. Canon (China) Vice President Wei Haien (WilbertVerheyen) said “Comparing with European and American markets, the digital printing market in China is still very small, which means great potential for development. In 2014, the Canon continuous ink jet printer tops in worldwide market share. I believe more and more partners will choose our products, to win the technologies and services on a competitive level, to expand digital printing applications and enhance business value with Canon. ”