02:34 am
25 November 2020

You can buy this 3D printed car next year for $53,000

You can buy this 3D printed car next year for $53,000

A 3D printing competition held in the United States recently.Local Motors displayed a variety of printed works. Eventually, after much contention, the code-named LM3D Swim 3D printed car won the last championship. According to official statistics from Local Motors spokesman, LM3D Swim’s body printing material is made up of 80% ABS plastic and 20% carbon fibre. So compared with the average car, body weight is significantly reduced.He also said: “LM3D Swim can provide a high degree of customization for users, the aesthetic design of its body can only be achieved by DDM and 3D printing technologies.Traditional manufacturing process can’t do this.”


The LM3D Swim is a demonstration of the speed at which additive manufacture can bring ideas into reality, as well as showing off Local Motors’ production ethos of “form over function.” The functional chassis of the car is able to be “skinned” with any number of body concepts to give it all sorts of visual character – and since the car is 3D-printed, one-off body shapes are not a problem.

Roughly 75 percent of the LM3D Swim will be 3D printed, including the body panels and chassis, using some sort of composite ABS plastic/carbon fiber material that’s yet to be finalized. Eventually, Local Motors hopes to be printing as much as 90 percent of the car.Though all vehicles will get the same powertrain, you’ll be able to choose from “a wide range of customizable, aesthetic features that are only possible through DDM
and 3D printing,” according to the company.