01:59 am
25 September 2021

Epson printer printhead plug cleaning methods

Epson printer printhead plug cleaning methods


1. software clean: through the UV universal auto glass printer maintenance functions of cleaning;

2.  pumping ink cleaning: ink car in initial bit , with syringes distribution hose connection in waste ink tube Shang forced extraction about 5 ml of ink, don’t makes syringes of within tube back play, will caused the Epson PRO 11880C Printhead occurred mixed color phenomenon, in pumping ink process in the as has for nozzle reported nursing device sealed not strict , can with hand moved ink car guarantee nozzle and nozzle protection device of good sealed. Cleaning ink of a software.161

3.note cleaning: remove ink vehicle, remove the ink SAC, hose nozzle ink syringes equipped with a cleaning solution and column connection to the appropriate pressure injection, back, to shower vertical complete lines.

4. prints clean: “nozzle cleaning” instead of a plug nozzle UV inks, using vector graphics software to print the color blocks, to clear nozzle clogging phenomenon, re change back to the original ink.162